Usually it is a bullish Trin Buy in the Bull.

In the Bear when it worked it was very good, but if it failed, it was seriously down after that.

However it normally always gives you atleast a +3/+5/+7 the day after it triggers.

The only times it rarely fails to give a +3 the next day is when it has triggered on a double digit upday on spoos. On those days upside and downside is generally unsustainable (DOJI type day).

However where it does not print a +3, it usually acts like a magnet and downside is unsustainable.

The clue is a gap down open and then the gap becomes resistance to the +3.

Also a sign of a failure is if it trades -10 from the close of the day of the trigger.

Then it can go on to fall a minimum of another 10 points.

Over the years it has been true to say that a KTB usually gives a +7 on DAY1 and in a BULL can be the end of a downtrend and rally 30-70 points up.

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