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      Hello all,

      Feel free to ask any questions regarding using kpad on this site, in this topic.

      You can subscribe to any topic( thread) by pressing the subscribe button on the top right of the topic.

      You will then receive email notifications to the email address you gave each time a new reply is posted in that topic. If you have a push email service (like yahoo, gmail, hotmail etc.) then your notifications will be near instant to your email. This email can be set up on your home pc, office pc or mobile.

      This should prove very useful as we no longer need to sit at the screens and can also reply via mobile wherever we are.

      This will work best with a PUSH email provider such as GMAIL, HOTMAIL, YAHOO as notifications should be near instant.

      You can change your email address anytime in the profile area once you are logged in.

      Apart from that it should be straightforward.

      All the best.


      Plan your trade, trade your plan!

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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