This is an incredibly successful SYSTEM posted on Khalsaspad since 2006.

Every trade is logged on the old Khalsapad and you can see its success here.

When it triggers it gives a 5 point and an optional 7 point target from the trigger price.

So say for example it triggers long on ES at 1700. The target will then be 1705 and 1707 optional.

Likewise if it triggers short at 1695, the target is 1690 and optional 1688.

It is a 5 day SYSTEM and the target should print within 5 days.

Usually however as you will see it prints by DAY2.

The variation on this SYSTEM is where it closes “On the Edge” of a trigger. If that happens then we usually get a gap down open the next day or if the prevailing trend is ‘Mad Trend Up’ then it can be a gap up open and a quick gap fill.

SYSTEM MS has its own thread on the subscriber’s side.

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