Level 1 – Free

You just need to register for a username to have access to the free trader forums You can do this by clicking on the ‘Register’ button on the top right.

Level 2 – Was £100, Special Opening offer just £70 pm

This will give you all the DAILY SYSTEMS, LEVELS, ROADMAP NOTES and a PLAN to make points daily. You will also get intraday levels (support and resistance) along will a full intraday commentary. The idea is to bank a minimum of 3 S&P handles daily. This will also include all the MEDIUM TERM SYSTEMS like SYSTEM MS, SYSTEM BDIP, SYSTEM KTS & KTB, SYSTEM TARGET-TRADER, and SYSTEM KSP

Benefits of Subscribing to Khalsaspad

You can also join the growing list of subscribers who are benefiting from the following:

  • Receiving Khalsa’s Proprietary SYSTEMS daily to help them formulate their plan.
  • Planning their trade and trading their plan
  • Attaining better discipline
  • Learning to control their emotions
  • Respecting the intraday support and resistance levels posted
  • Executing better entries and exits
  • Understanding the importance of better Money Management