It is a system I have been running and posted on the pad since January 2003. It used to be called KG (Khalsa Guarantee) because it never had any failures (WOW what a system). I then  renamed it to KP (Khalsa Prediction) because it has had 5 failures out of many, many hundreds of calls (I think the CROOKS must have started reading the Pad! ).

Over the last few years it has been extended to all the existing SYSTEMS which were backtested to see their results.

KHC-5 mean’s spoos should trade lower by 5 points from its price at 5.15pm (EST) (10.15pm UK BST) close. For example, if spoos closed at 1700, we then have a target of 1695 before close the next day on spoos (-5).

In all the failures there is a common theme. We had a large relentless globex move resulting in a gap open. In those circumstances the opening move was then unsustainable shortly after RTH open and the Gap Fill acted like a magnet. This therefore enabled you to possibly exit the trade close to breakeven.

Likewise KHC+5 is the reverse.

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