Khalsa’s Ethos

The objective of these forums are as follows:

  • To learn by sharing and discussing.
  • To provide readers a collection of observations and thoughts.┬áThe more contributors that post, the more thoughts we have. It is like having many sets of eyes watching different instruments.
  • To help each other when others need help. We were all novices ourselves at some stage.
  • To become even better traders/investors. Lets make that a reality by helping each other.

Always keep all discussions civil and absolutely no unnecessary fighting. It does not matter if you are a BULL or a BEAR as all opinions are very welcome and should be open to discussion. Any criticism should always be constructive in nature.

Absolutely no rude and bad language or swearing is allowed on this site. Language should be kept clean at all times.

Lets us all help to make these forums a great invaluable resource to to all Traders and Investors.

Good luck.