401k Self managed pensioned in
US. One of the contributing factors to the late 90’s bubble. (The
pension rules were changed around 1995.)
AH After Hours
AMC After Market Close
ATM At the moment
BDIP Its a Big Down Intraday Print System
CIT Change In Trend
CROOKS The banks that own the Fed – JPM, GS, LEH, C mainly
DDDD Double Digit Down Day (from high to low)
DDUD Double Digit Up Day (from low to high)
Deflation Decreasing Prices
Disinflation Rate of price increase slows.
DIYD DIYD Damned if you do, Damned if you d’ont
DOJI A low range day where we close within the middle of the range
ES This is small contract S&P futures
FFY Fat Fingured Yank
GFS Its a Gap Fill System
HOD High of Day
IMHO In My Humble Opinion
Joe6pack The ordinary man
on the street stock buying public. May
review his 401k at the weekend with his buddies over a beer. Not if its
gone down though. Then he reads businessweek to try and find out why.
JPTL Junction Point of Trendlines
KAIS Khalsa Always In System
KGOS Khalsa Goes Out System (whenever I go out, the market always moves big!)
KHC Khalsa High Confidence
KP Khalsas Prediction
KSP Khalsas Swing Play
KTB Khalsas Trin Buy
KTS Khalsa Trin Sell
Linkage Stinkage Delta term for a
day that should be 80%
chance up but instead stinks and forms a morning high.
MoB Make or Break
MOC Market On Close
MS Its a Multi Swing System
MTD Master Time
Date. The Master Time Code  is an Astro /mathematical
based timing technique, discovered by James Brock.
It gives 2,3 important daily CITTimes each month.
Mustard K Pad is a No SWEAR ZONE. “Rhyme’s like” are allowed.
ND Negative Divergence
NML No Man’s Land
NR7 Narrowest trading range of the last 7 days
PD Positive Divergence
Pigs Stubborn resistance and support levels..
POMO The FED is on the bid!
R1 R1 is 1st resistance level from pivot points calculations.
RBB Reached. breached and Broken levels
RCB Red Candle Brigade
RTH Real Time Hours (ie. when the cash market opens)
S1 S1 is 1st support level from pivot points calculations.
S2H S = Series, 2= 2nd day Pattern, H = High, L = Low
SD Stuck Down
Spoos This is big contract S&P futures
STB Short Term Bottom
STT Short Term Top
Stupid Not using stops
SU Stuck Up
TMS Trend Momentum Sentiment
TOD Time Of Day
TT Its a Target Trader System
TUC Total Utter Crooks
VST Very Short Term CIT basis the 1 minute charts
WCB White Candle Brigade.
WNER World Not Ended Rally


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