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      June already and no-one here? Oh well.

      I’m updating my charts having stood aside from the market the last two to three months.

      We *might* be approaching an important top signaled by NYA and DOW.

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        You and me both David. It’s been a total one way market. I gave up trying to predict a down move nearly a year ago. Fighting the fed is not a profitable game.

        Curious to see what will send this down as the CPI data was highly inflationary, yet they managed to buy that up too.

        Plan your trade, trade your plan!

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          Good Morning captainĀ  & Hatman et al

          FED erDRAMA today

          Good Luck to us all



          Small droplets of rain turn into Rivers, Streams and Mighty Oceans

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            zarif you used to post the lean of s&p where did you get these numbers from?

            I might find time and start trading again later in the year i will be interested in these info.


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