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    I cant bring myself to sell it yet, thought I want to, I cna see two scenarios (which means there must be at least 50 !!)

    1. it snaps back down and the arse falls out of it.

    2. People go, “oh look, the market is up pre-market for a change, lets buy em”

    The chart attached shows possible 1680 es as a resistance for me however if that busted this could be a fast elevator up given its a signifiacnt downtrend…


    I think in summary I’m chicken and will see what happens, it will probably dance within the apex, lol


    ps Pal, any chance of adding the ability that if you click on a thread link in the email you dont get an error meggage but rather redirected to a login prompt that then sends you direct to the tread ? would be neater 🙂