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    Don’t know if it’s just me Kman but it seems to be a lot of clicks to get here,maybe why so few here recently, Anyhow if we don’t ask we don’t get, so are we on for a free weekSmile Any idea how long Cimac is planning to be away?

    You mean into the forums?

    Well yes many ways.

    If you click on the forums, it will then list all the forums you have access to.

    You can click on any of those forums to go direct to that forum.

    Alternatively, under ‘Freshness’ on The Forums page, it shows the last posted time, if you click on that it stakes you straight to the last post.

    Lastly, you will see a widget on the right on all pages called ‘recent replies’, click on the top one and that takes you straight to the last post. The second one takes you to second to last post etc.

    We were on the old site for 9 years, so I guess any change will take time to adapt to. All sites that change seem to have this problem where immediately people have difficulty adjusting.

    Re: Cimac, not sure how long a break he is taking.

    Re: Free Trial … I am busy tweaking this place still and on all my other commitments, so wanted to do it at a time when I can dedicate most time to help. It will be soon.

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