Reply To: Monday 23rd to Friday 27th September 2013

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    Wow – thanks Khalsa have been thinking of subscribing so your offer makes the commented trade a winner already!

    I feel safe with cable short as it may be capped by the 18 sep high (giving away my stop loss which is higher than usual advice) and 1.61 looked like resistance on 19th.
    Of course circumstances can always change so there is a balance between being responsive and being committed to our analysis.

    I am also building longs AUD/JPY for slightly longer term (mid Oct ?) but probably will not give narrative on that trade. Analysis comes first then trading I’m afraid then comment. For same reason I don’t have email interrupting me – I choose when to look at it so the email alert not for me but yes I can see that is an advantage – maybe more so on subscription side.

    Please feel free to trade the opposite to me - but whatever take responsibility for yourself and above all DYOR !