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    Well, after trying the new forum format for a while, lurking as usual, can’t say much better or worse just takes getting used to, except for lack of content – so here is my Cimac impersonation (and genuine trade).

    I am short cable small at 1.6052 from 45 minutes ago for 1.5995 before the weekend. Will add at 1.6085 if seen. I don’t expect much over 1.6120 but higher stop loss to give it room. No advice intended. I see it as overbought on the hourly and shorter timeframes and expect taper concerns to start arising again for longer term and fundamentals. All only my view and there are others.

    Sorry I cannot match Cimac for quantity of trades or comment.

    Please feel free to trade the opposite to me - but whatever take responsibility for yourself and above all DYOR !