Reply To: MONDAY 07/10/2013 SYSTEMS & INTRADAY

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    One trade too many? Especially on a crooksday? Lets see. Strictly I should cut this as its above 1680/1 now. However I am stupidly going to break my rules basis even if they resolve Govt shutdown, a far more pressing issue is on Oct 17th with fiscal cliff pollux

    shove Dan! lol Get well soon mate, plenty of nasty flu going round. Well they are not selling into close. No idea if thats to trap the bulls on Monday or the crooks know something (ie resolution to this one over the weekend) I hate running the short into the weekend but I feel like doing so

    Arj, the ongoing theme continues. Irrespective of all else, the TREND CHANGE never occurred and it has remained in BEAR TREND.

    The problem is we have been getting all these QE bounces that have made bears freak out, but it just sells off again after.

    The SYSTEMS tempt me as well but never to long overnight and nor to contra the overall trend, on a Sunday night.

    You may get a bounce RTH and that may give you a let out.

    I will probably long but more like 1663/5 basis the last support outlined above

    Plan your trade, trade your plan!