Reply To: FRIDAY 20/09/2013 SYSTEMS & INTRADAY

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    Well I finally have the second KTS but its on crooks quad oe day on a day where we also have SYSTEM ESG/SPXG combo. We all know the record of that combo where we usually get a DDUD. So that really confuses things.

    We do have a KHC-4 SYSTEMS as well as a KHC+3.

    So if we look at that all it suggests a positive print maybe to a DDUD but also a negative print of -4 towards a KTS-7.

    Not sure if it will work out like that or in which order, but with KTS the preferred order would be a pop and drop.

    Lets see, whatever the case with these SYSTEMS and crooks quad oe, it makes for an interesting day.

    I remain long from 1715 and I have put limits in to close at 1720 basis the +3 for 5 points.

    Plan your trade, trade your plan!