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    Good Morning , Asat Sri  Akal ji, Asalam alaikum , Jaisay Krishaan Pranams РJuuamh Mubarakha

    NFPS “cancelled” – I wonder when want do tehm be nice if aroud D DaY 17th OCt debt ceiling time

    ALso saw a bit about that shooting Car /woman ( baby saved) On news. Must say Security forces Cops etc Even with this LOCKDWON 2no PAY” where there adn DId their 2JOB2 and I bet Fat cats wafflking inside Senators etc alll with Full pay booze nd Lunches. I was just thinking WHY did they Not disable teh car by Just knock out teh tyres and cathc her alive etc.


    SPOOS S1H day inclined at moment

    NEW MOON – market can Go Looney

    Good Luck to us all








    Small droplets of rain turn into Rivers, Streams and Mighty Oceans