Reply To: FRIDAY 04/10/2013 SYSTEMS & INTRADAY

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    I am going to keep this brief in view of its crooksday.

    NFP’s have been cancelled today due to US Government pollux

    SYSTEMS wise we have a magnitude of +ve KHC’s which suggest a +3/+5 minimum but against that we also have a KTS and BDIP in play (bearish combo)

    The KTS is a KTS5 which can often lead to a pop on DAY1 and then drop on DAY2 or intraday pop and drop.

    Resistance to is 1675/7 area. Above that resistance is at 1680 and above that it can try for a rally.

    Support is at 1663 below which it will continue to make lower lows.

    As it stands I may short 1677/80 but probably do nothing until RTH

    Plan your trade, trade your plan!