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    Firstly Ark well done for starting a thread this side. I was wondering who would make the effort lol.

    Secondly well done for changing your avatar. I trust it was an easy experience.

    As regards markets, indeed with WNER one would think it has a pull upwards but I woudl prefer to wait until RTH to see that before longing.

    I posted alot of levels on the other side but for this week, these are the levels on SPX cash for me.

    SPX wise MUST HOLD support at 1679 and resistance at 1695.

    A breakout of any will lead to a breakout!

    These are very important levels for this week

    I have maintained my negative bias and that we are in a downtrend and although we have had sharp rallies recently, I maintained that into the weekend and unless THE BULLS break up, I will keep sticking to that stance.

    Problem is the US Government pollux makes it hard to long here despite the WNER bias and likewise you cannot short a -13 incase QE pumps it.

    So here for me there is nothing to do but to wait for direction in RTH via seeing if SYSTEM GFS (Gap Fill System) triggers

    Plan your trade, trade your plan!