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    Awesome stuff Ark. My stance is now NEUTRAL from TREND DOWN. Not quite TREND UP yet. This is indeed very perky and looks a break up., but to me resolution is in the price. As the economic numbers get better talk of tightening will come to forefront and that will invariably cause this pollux to unravel


    3rd attempt to post….


    to much too soon IMHO, though not ballsy enough to short it, ¬†may flag and pop again on some news but the plan was es resistance, and eh voila, though didn’t expect that quick from bottom of the YM support, thoug vix was good. What did we used to say, never go broke taking a profit but greed will lead to a loss etc.


    i wonder if everything will open again in the states, debt ceiling gets lifted, then all of a sudden it’s bad news instead of goods news, and whack, were right back at the top of the down trend.

    crazy times, glad too be out the water for the weekend. Bon weekend all, off to work for the night.

    i clicked on the links, no hardcore p@rn though…. Try harder¬†Big Boss