Welcome to the new Khalsaspad

Khalsas Pad started as an MSN Group in 2001. It very quickly became established as a premier message board where traders discussed their views daily minute by minute. In 2004 we moved to a custom designed site and added a subscription side to Khalsaspad. In 2013 we moved to this brand new site to keep up with the times.

The Free Side

The Free Forums are completely free for all registered users (registration is free). There is a daily thread that can be found in the forum "Traders Talk" where all the daily chat takes place. This is used by traders across the globe to discuss the intraday market movements on the world stockmarkets. The purpose of this side is for traders to share their views, ideas, methodolgies and technical analysis and to all help each other in their quest to become better traders.

Please do contribute and discuss in the forums as by doing so we get conflicting and opposing views and all views are appreciated by everyone. It does not matter whether you are a bull or a bear, all that matters is you are a trader.

Please read the "Services" page for more information.

The Subscribers Side

I use this side to provide trading education to help you become a more disciplined and successful trader. I also post the SYSTEMS, KP's (Khalsa's Predictions), Morning Ramblings, Roadmaps, Opening Levels, Intraday Commentary, SYSTEM MS and Early Warnings for the next day. For the medium term I post Khalsa's Thoughts, Khalsa's Swing Plays and the KAIS SYSTEM. These used to be posted free for 2 years on Khalsa's Pad but since October 11th 2004 have been reserved for paid subscribers only and are posted in one of the "Subscriber forums".

The idea of this is to use all this information to help you formulate your own daily plan.

Please read the "Services" page for more information.