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    Conclusion Although I hate that late day sell off, with all the positive KHC’s again, it looks like another +3/+5 day and I will long for that if I get a good entry. Chances of a DDUD print also. SYSTEMS indicate we gap up tomorrow and although ES may fill, SPX may not fill. If it gaps down it should fill.

    Further explanation … I longed as it hit support and also the COnclusion where I am expecting a down gap to fill and possible +3/+5 minimum and chance of DDUD.

    On that basis I had to long.

    I know that TREND could be DOWN but until confirmed I have to play the plan.

    Once confirmed, it will be too late and this will be at a loss in which case 10 point auto stop will be hit or I will cancel stop and close manually as damage limitation at a loss or small profit.

    Plan your trade, trade your plan!