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    Early Warning Much against the fear of this being runaway, this is going to go into a phase of double DDDD’s soon. Ie -20 or more from the high and the daily ranges will be -20 or 20+ points. This should start this week with a good pop and drop day. It can involve a final hoorah, so there maybe a good spike up that closes negative on the day. Even today we should close <+3, so it should not close at highs This sets up for a clear Roadmap from here

    This really is my plan for this week and the imminent top.

    There is no sign of a CIT on the charts but it is me attempting to call a top in this.

    High today was 1762.25.

    Lets see how much more we extend from here.

    Looks like we are closing within the +3 for now.


    Plan your trade, trade your plan!