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    Good morning all, What a bludy knockout this FLU is. Long time since I had one like this. One is actually in and out of consciousness. Good to be in my office now although not sure if I will last all day and best to rest as much as possible so that I can be back fully rather than this mustard linger on and on. I see We hit 1784.75 yesterday missing the 1783 MS target on DAY2 by a whisker. Remember what I say “TOPS ARE EVENTS”. This even is ongoing. We may have done a secondary high yesterday on undershoot of 1800 ES, but it does look too perky imo. The target here is 1783 and then 1777. Below 1777 all those same supports are back 1771.50, 1760/3, 1755. Below that we can rock and roll. For sure I think the KTS and BDIP combo’s are a clue for downside. All I am not sure is if we get a defiant rally (mega crooked stop run) and then it falls 50-70 points. That may coincide with a second KTS For now we need to hold 1794 as resistance on ES today and and break 1781 (MS -7 target) down.

    aarrrggghh, still rough but a whole lot better than yesterday.

    GREED KILLS … My 1792 short from Friday had limits in at 1782 for the 10 pointer.

    I normally would have put in at 1783.50 basis MS undershoot. That was the low today.

    However this looks like a shakeout day with its whippiness.

    High was 1793.75 bang on 1794 resistance for now.

    We have printed a BDIP/KTS -5 but it should have been a -7 and thats why I left limits in as a 10 pointer

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