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    Now that is some SYSTEMS that have triggered. Two KHC-3′s, 1 KHC-4 and 1 KHC-5. Add to that a double BDIP in play. However other than a good intraday negative print -3/-5/-7, I am not sure we can expect a good down day. This is because the TREND model has gone to TREND UP now. TREND UP could be erroneous as it may just be fueled by WNER and be false. However in view of QE, we have to respect TREND UP for now as TREND up has given a 70-130 point rally in this mad QE market in recent years.

    Well once again SYSTEMS worked a treat. We got a -10 and now its -3.

    We got a borderline GFS also, but that is done and dusted already.

    Shame I missed today, but I chose a the charitable day instead and have no regrets.

    Just catching up now

    Plan your trade, trade your plan!