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    Right short and sweet time.

    There are no KHC+3’s, so in this market that can mean that upside will not stick.

    KTS suggests a pop and drop (-7 print) but this KTS has been a flop as any drops have been bought back up in grindy grindy fashion.

    BDIP again suggests a minimum -5/-7.

    All that sounds good to the bear but sadly we are in that final phase before a deeper retracement.

    In this face we can just get minimums and then grind up. We can have a hoorah.

    I maintain the contents of the KT thread and also feel that we are making a secondary high here.

    The hoorah clue maybe a inverse h%s on a 10 minute chart. If so target can be circa 1779 ES.

    For now immediate trend is up and we have to respect that as I did yesterday by taking short term short profits as scalps.


    Plan your trade, trade your plan!