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    When you get a min – “my style of running losers I have to daily bank” could you expand a little? Ta

    Sure because I do not use strict stop losses and can run positions multi day or even multi month (and am), then I look at my overall pot.

    No one can afford to run losers ad infinitum so what I do is make sure I bank points daily to fund the losers rather than having to put margin in.

    Therefore I need to bank x points daily in this SU market to fund the running losers.

    Hence putting a stop at breakeven cannot suit me if I have 3-5-7  points profit and I feel it is threatened.

    As it happened today played out perfect and although I ran the overnight one, I was spooked out of the intraday long.

    Even if I just longed the SU level posted just above at 1746.50, there would be 3 points again.

    Today was all about longing the dips.

    Plan your trade, trade your plan!