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    I have set a longer term goal for the trading pot which isn’t particularly aggressive. Ie. to hit x by April next year. I think I have set goals too short term before and thus ended up risking too much to achieve it and hence no achieved it and even lost.

    I think with all this budget malarkey likely to carry on and in my opinion disappointing earnings to come we should get lots of volatility in coming weeks and months.

    Tempted to add a bit more  to my gold here. I think it could make a new interim low yet but longer term with all this debt nonsense it is going substantially higher. The government mustards will inflate the debt away and kill the dollar and along with it the aspirations and standard of living of the majority of Americans. I really feel for the retiring mustards who have done the right thing and saved and are about to be walloped for all they have at the end of their lives. I don’t ever think slavery was abolished….just shifted to a new model. 🙁