Reply To: MONDAY 21/10/2013 SYSTEMS & INTRADAY

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    We are at the top of a trendline of daily SPX so we can rest/retrace from here (circa 1745 SPX)

    We could even fall back to a 170x.x print and still be bullish, so if there is a bit of panic, that can be a target.

    VIX/VXN is back to lows again (a point where it usually pings back up. If so markets can fall some)

    For downside we need to continue to have high TRIN.

    Although we are overextended and pre QE MAD MODE’s it meant we should fall. in QE it has just been a rest / grind up. Therefore the fact we are overextended alone is a reason for it to just carry and and become more overextended

    Plan your trade, trade your plan!