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    October 20th, 2013.

    Debt Ceiling Day is upon us, as Congress and the President have one more day to get’er done. Wouldn’t it be great if five people, the President, and the Democrat and Republican leaders of the House and Senate, were locked inside a room starting tomorrow morning, without food and water, and no bathroom, and were told they will not be allowed out until a deal is struck? We would know when they have struck the best deal possible when all emerged equally ticked off, famished, parched, and hustling to the bathrooms. Will they or won’t they? Wednesday promises to be volatile and one of those days to be glued to the news stations. The divisiveness and apparent insanity of the process of governing gives a glimpse into how polarized the nation has become, perhaps as polarized as du ring the Civil War. Back then they chose war over negotiated compromise. Will we see something similar again?

    The Coming Economic Ice Age is being foretold by the completing Jaws of Death pattern. Could extreme polarization inside the U.S. blow up into a self-destructive civil war once again? We may be witnessing the seedlings of the crop (crap) that is coming. The pattern tells us the unthinkable is coming. McH.