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    As you all know I do not pay any other site, but just to test this place out I will post the odd one. I just received this.


    The Dow maintained its rally since my last post and the strong Intermediate signal that I indicated failed to turn the market..
    I also had a long term cycle in on the 9th and it must have been a bullish continuation cycle ( Not a Pivot reversal ) the market continued up 2 more days so far.

    My next longer term cycles are in between today 12th to 14th..

    seeing the Dow now retraced back up over 62% from its range since early August..the big question for me now is will it continue up or reverse and sell off again..and WILL we see Lows either around 19th to 23rd September or October…

    I did not think that we would see the reversal that we have had since end of August / early September at 14762 ish…

    The Present Syrian conflict is making the markets uncertain…

    I am thinking that we may see a reversal again. the market is presently looking similar tp past highs we had back in June 18th / 19th at around 15355 on what is often a retracement area between 62 to 70% of the last few weeks main 900 plus point range..

    best intermediate signals today come in around 16.30 hrs & 19.45/50 hrs UK..

    for Sept 13th around 18.20 UK..

    IF the market fails to turn down in the next two may see another high occur for Sept 19th/23rd…

    but I will be disappointed that it would not had gone to my expectations..

    Unfortuntely at the end of the day its the market that decides where it goes not always attempted cycle analysis..

    sometimes one can try to play the market two ways…with use of option strategies and futures…

    Plan your trade, trade your plan!