Reply To: FRIDAY 13/09/2013 SYSTEMS & INTRADAY

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    No Nigel you did perfect as crooksday bias was up and its in perky mode and up into crooks oe. They are buying the dips and all shorts are scalps.

    SYSTEM EG/SPXG also is bullish.

    However I expected 1681.25 to print again and it did and from there it was a long.

    I shorted 1685.50 expecting 1681.25 one time to many but as soon as it went back above 1686 I cut for a 1 point loss, which was a wise thing to do.

    Medium term wise though with the BDIP system and KTS system combo it could and should be bearish. However with crooks quad oe this week, it will probably be supported into it by the crooks.

    Hope that helps but if you have any more questions, please ask away.

    Plan your trade, trade your plan!