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    We printed a -12 overnight. Sadly if it is now in a mini uptrend, they will leave those bears stranded (including my 1671.50 remaining short from yesterday) Still I feel there is enough nonsense going on to take this back down. The caveat as always is XMAS is around the corner and if they want an XMAS RALLY that will know no bounds are we can even talk 1800 SPX :( For now I will carry on with plan but do note my BIAS as NEUTRAL now and not TREND DOWN. That is very important in planning daily trades


    20 points+ higher than that 1673 this morning.

    They have indeed left bears stranded.

    SPX hits 1700 roundie.

    EItehr one stands aside and leaves them to it, or calls their bluff.

    I for now have called a bluff against all odds of crooksday and then WNER day

    Plan your trade, trade your plan!