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I was told I will receive email alerts for all new replies

You will need to SUBSCRIBE to a topic. You can subscribe to any topic( thread) by pressing the subscribe button on the top right of the topic.

You will then receive email notifications to the email address you gave each time a new reply is posted in that topic. If you have a push email service (like yahoo, gmail, hotmail etc.) then your notifications will be near instant to your email. This email address can be set up on your home pc, office pc or mobile.

Where has the old Khalsaspad site gone?

For now the old site is still available via the following link. http://khalsaspad.com/old

What is the quickest way to get to a forum or topic?

You will see two widgets on the right of the screen for RECENT REPLIES and RECENT TOPICS.

They show the latest poster, date and time of each recent reply or topic. If you hover your mouse over them, it will show you the contents also.

If you then click on any of those, it will take you straight to the reply/topic.

My password is really hard to remember. Can I change it?

Sure you can. Go to your ‘Edit My Profile’ by clicking your name on the top right of the screen. You will be able to change your password and other settings there.

I do not like my Avatar, how can I change it.?

All avatars are held off site by Gravatar. To change your avatar please do so by visiting https://en.gravatar.com/.

Alternatively if you log in using Gmail or Facebook (via the button on the login screen), it will automatically use your profile picture from there.

I want to embed a chart/picture from another site into a post

You can also embed any image from another site by ‘right clicking’ that image on the other site, then choose ‘copy image’ and then go to a reply box on the thread you want to post in and right click ‘paste image’.

How do I embed a picture or chart into a post using a url?

You can insert any pictures and charts from other sites using the url via the button on the second row next to the smiley (Insert/edit image). If you hover your mouse over the button, it will say ‘insert/edit image’

Can I embed a Youtube video into a post?

You can insert Youtube video’s directly into posts just by inserting the url to the video in the post and it will embed it automatically. This is the share url on the screen when you go to share a youtube video from the youtube site

What is the easiest way to find out if there are any new replies or topics?

If you look at the widgets on the top right hand side you will see RECENT REPLIES and RECENT TOPICS in descending order.

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